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Our aluminas are sold throughout the world for high tech applications including synthetic crystal growth, high purity and ultra-high purity ceramics for semi-conductor processing, bio-ceramics, ceramics for translucent lighting components and other specialty applications. CERALOX aluminas are also used in fluorescent lamp coatings, aluminate phosphors, luminescent materials, specialty abrasives, reinforcement, and scratch resistant products.

We are producers and marketers of synthetic and petroleum-derived wax. These specialty products are used in emulsions, coatings, hot melt adhesives, inks, bitumen and in industries ranging from paper and packaging to construction, personal care,printing and tire production.

Our primary products are used in the cleaning and personal care markets to manufacture ingredients for soaps, detergents, shampoos, cosmetics and more. We also manufacture specialty chemicals used in mild abrasives, thickeners and pharmaceuticals, as well as in the enhanced oil recovery markets.

Our phenolic products include high purity cresols, xylenols and a variety of specialty cresylic acid blends. These are used to produce resins, antioxidants, functional fluids, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuel additives, wire enamel, mining chemicals, solvents and various chemical intermediates.

We manufacture the antioxidant BHT, which is used as a stabilizer in fuels, lubricants and other oils, polymers, rubber, printing inks, adhesives, waxes, food and food packaging, and animal feed.