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The product is well ahead of any competitor in its class. GTL naphtha is highly paraffinic, with virtually no aromatics or sulphur and negligible metallic contaminants.  Light paraffinic naphthas are the most efficient liquid feedstocks for ethylene cracking and ethylene is one of the basic building blocks of the petrochemical industry; the precursor of widely used plastics such as polyethylene, polystyrene and other derivatives.

GTL naphtha paraffin content is typically 98%, which is considerably higher than the 65 – 75% of typical open-spec naphtha and 85% of typical full-range naphtha. It is even higher than the 92% paraffin content of Saudi A-180, which is one of the best products available for this application.  A further advantage is the low coking/fouling rate for furnace tubes during cracking.