Berlin / Johannesburg / Dauerthal – Global chemicals and energy company Sasol has joined Concrete Chemicals project, an innovative consortium of Sasol’s new business unit Sasol ecoFT, global cement producer CEMEX and German renewable energy company ENERTRAG. The international consortium sets course for climate-neutral cement production by converting CO2 into sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) with use of hydrogen, thus presenting an opportunity for CO2 reduction in both sectors.

The three partners will combine their technical know-how in Germany: Sasol ecoFT will contribute its innovative Fischer-Tropsch technology to produce synthetic and sustainable aviation fuels and ENERTRAG will produce green hydrogen exclusively with energy from regional wind and solar plants. CEMEX will provide another raw material for SAF production by capturing CO2 generated during cement production.

To implement the project, the consortium is preparing European level funding applications.

Said Dr. Helge Sachs, Senior Vice President: Sasol ecoFT, about the company’s first large scale joint venture: “We are extremely pleased to join forces with CEMEX and ENERTRAG. Sasol is proud to be an active member of this consortium that paves the way for climate-neutral cement production and sustainable aviation fuels. We look forward to contribute to decarbonizing aviation with our cutting-edge Fischer-Tropsch technology and fulfill our purpose of innovating for a better world through Sasol’s new business unit ecoFT.”