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The cleanest diesel available in South Africa

Choose Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm and experience the benefits of using South Africa’s cleanest diesel. Sasol’s innovative technology has created Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm, with a sulphur content of less than 10 parts per million.

But we didn’t only focus on reducing the sulphur content, we also mixed in some truly revolutionary additives to clean and protect your engine, ensuring that your engine not only runs cleaner with less emissions, but that you also stand to benefit from improved fuel economy every time you fill up with Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm. 

This product has been tried and tested under South African conditions – a fuel by and for South Africa. Sasol Turbodiesel™ ULS 10ppm is ideally suited to complement the modern day vehicle to enable these engines to run efficiently and at optimum performance, while producing less harmful exhaust emissions.

Why is sulphur bad?

Modern vehicles are equipped with closed loop control and exhaust after treatment technologies (catalytic convertors) to produce less harmful emissions. These technologies need an enabling fuel with ultra-low sulphur content to protect and maintain efficiency. High levels of sulphur in the fuel can also render the catalytic convertors inactive and could negatively impact vehicle warranties.

Ultra-low sulphur content

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm is guaranteed to contain 10ppm sulphur or less and allows latest technology vehicles fitted with exhaust after treatment devices to operate freely in South Africa and keep such devices in an active or optimum working state and extend its service life. Latest technology vehicles run more efficiently in terms of power output and fuel economy and at the same time produce less harmful exhaust gas emissions.

Excellent lubricity

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm contains advanced lubricity improver additives to conform to and exceed local as well as international standards for lubricity, ensuring the long-term durability of fuel injection systems.

Enhanced detergency

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm contains advanced detergency additives to keep the engine and fuel components clean to ensure optimum operating efficiency and improved fuel economy with sustained use.

Improved fuel economy

With powerful cleaning action, using Sasol Turbodiesel ULS results in lower fuel consumption.

Overall message

Latest technology vehicles run more efficiently in terms of power output and fuel economy and at the same time produce less harmful exhaust gas emissions. They achieve this through advanced engine design as well as exhaust after treatment technologies. Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm enables these latest technology vehicles to operate freely and remain in an active or working state and require less regeneration effort (less fuel consumed). Less generation and the accumulative effect of additives reduce overall fuel consumption.


Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm enables less regeneration of exhaust after treatment.

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